Soiree bottle-top Wine Decanter & Aerator

Soiree delivers a truly "open" wine just by pouring through it. Makes wine taste better. The true gourmet choice. Works for both red and white wine. New proprietary borosilicate strengthened glass blend. New 5-ring gasket to fit almost any wine bottle. Drying rack/stand included. The only glass in bottle wine aerator.

By pouring wine with a soiree, the Soiree creates an intermediary stage where the wine is infused with oxygen and then cascades into your glass. In using the soiree to aerate your wine, you will notice the subtleties and character of the wine emerge immediately upon entering your glass. The soiree is a wine accessory that fits into any standard corked wine bottle allowing you to pour, without dripping, directly through the Soiree.

The soiree allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want-a glass or a carafe. The soiree has dimples in the glass increasing the surface area of the glass which not only agitate the wine, but infuse more oxygen in the wine. Soiree fits securely into any wine bottle allowing you to pour, without dripping directly through the Soiree.

Once you place the soiree in the wine bottle, the Soiree aerates your wine as you pour it. The soiree can also be used to pour the wine into a decanter, further expediting the "opening" of your wine. Soiree is a bottle-top wine aerator.

Soirée – In Bottle Wine Aerator – Makes Your Wine Taste Better Made of Glass This Gourmet Decanter Fits All Wine Bottles & Works On Red or White Wine

The easiest-to-use wine accessory on the market is also the leader in craftsmanship and gourmet standards. Gourmet, guaranteed: your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Decant every glass right as you pour it with our individually made, handcrafted and simply designed aerator, heightening the flavor and aromas of your wine.

The soiree aerator was featured on the food Network, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Today Show. This must-have accessory made from hand-blown borosilicate glass makes wine taste better immediately as you serve it. Complimented by its food-grade silicone gasket for a secure fit into a cork or screwcap bottle, it also comes with a drying rack and stand to easily clean and store your Soirée after each use.

The perfect present for wine lovers new and old: soirée has been known to improve the flavors of wine so dramatically, that people say it makes a $10 bottle taste like a $20 bottle. You can also control the amount of air you infuse with the Soirée. This is why are pleased to offer a full money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason.

Easy to use: eliminate the hours, allowing you to serve aerated wine as you pour it from the bottle, the greater the amount of aeration the wine receives. This strengthened glass is dishwasher safe and 5X Thicker than a wine glass. Soirée fits securely into any wine bottle, and even white wines.

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